The Shoe of the Future

Transformable heels by Chavez lets you change the look & style of your shoes, by using interchangeable ankle straps and toe straps. go from the office to a fancy night out, all with one pair of shoes. Mix & Match different colours and styles of straps to match any outfit for every occasion.

Every pair of transformable heels is built with a soft cushion in-sole, allowing for extended periods of wear for up to 11 hours of comfort. Made with the highest quality of synthetic and real leather materials, both hand-made and factory produced.

The future of women’s fashionable footwear starts with Chavez Inc.



Zero compromises

We are constantly striving to improve, optimize, and perfect our core foundation every. single. day. We only use the best and highest quality materials when manufacturing our products, whether it be hand-made or factory produced. All of our products are designed & manufactured in Colombia & Spain, where the latest and best tools are used to create Transformable Heels.

Quality, Design, & Innovation are the three stepping stones for why our shoes are some of the best in the industry today.


The possibilities are nearly endless

Shoes are a never-ending story for us, and we want you to be a part of that story. Our Transformable Heels lets you become your own shoe designer, creating new looks and styles that best suit your personality and lifestyle. With so many different accessories available for your shoes, the potential combinations are almost never ending - our shoes will make your imagination run wild!

With so many different colours and styles of accessories for your shoes, no two looks will ever be the same, and shoes have never been more fun.


Transformable shoes only by Chavez

Here at Chavez, we do more than just design and manufacture footwear; we strive to innovate and create new and exciting products never before seen in the fashion industry on a global scale. No other brand in the world has access to Transformable Shoes, and only we have the power to create them.



Fashionable footwear reinvented

We are revolutionizing the footwear industry; reinventing the wheel; creating a new era - and we want you right there with us at the forefront of this new and exciting venture. We believe that the fashionable footwear industry has become stagnant, with little incentive or drive to innovate and create new products for consumers.

Our R&D department have built and put into action various systems that eliminate these obstacles and challenges, while also increasing profit margins, and giving consumers more competitive choices.